To the foot of Mont Ventoux

Day 1 was all about getting to the start point of the first climb. The long drive and preparing the bikes and the cyclists.

Our home for the next week was a 6 berth motor home hired from a little place on the outskirts of Nice City.

The first drive was a long one and I didn’t envy Craig’s job for the day. He chose the toll roads as far as he could. I hadn’t properly looked at the alternatives so wasn’t in a position to judge the choice. But realised you have got to trust the driver to pick the driving route just like I trusted the Cyclist (oops I mean Aldo) to make the cycle route choices.



The little warm-up cycle took us through the town of Bédoin and out the other side past the start of the climb. There was more tinkering with the bikes than we imagined was needed but getting the gears and the brakes working well turned out to be the main achievement of the jaunt. We struggled for the first half but as soon as we started back we realised what looked flat was in fact quite an incline. We just thought the Garmins were playing up. Also the wind wasn’t our friend on the way out.







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