What the hell am I doing in Bargeddie?

This was my second recording on Strava today. The first one I stopped for no other reason than I am stupid!

I thought I was heading back to Glasgow but soon after I looked at the Maps app and corrected myself, it seemed I started heading east again! Think it may have been something to do with the fall I had at a roundabout near Bargeddie. Luckily, I thought, my good knee took the brunt of it. My arm was slightly sore too.lost july 31 2014

I don’t know this part of town very well but a friend of mine recently said ‘getting lost is all part of the adventure’. It was an adventure coming down the A725 on a slippy road with big feckin Lorries roaring by and me thinking ‘what the fuck am I doing at Strathclyde Park’ and looking at signs for Motherwell, which is feckin miles from where I live. I only knew two ways back to Glasgow from here and that was the M74 and the big long feckin hill into EK! However I managed to pick up signs for Rutherglen, the A724, I think.

Going through Cambuslang I felt my rain jacket stick to my arm, the niggly pain I had there since I crashed wasn’t really bothering me but I now thought I’m cut and still bleeding, what an inconvenience. I looked and could see no blood, so when I stopped at the lights I felt around, ‘What the Fuck! It feels like I have two feckin arms up that sleeve. I stopped at the bus shelter and unclothed my arm. I was more than a tad worried’ all the movement was there, though a bit restricted. The old guy in the bus shelter never shifted a muscle, just kept smoking his pipe. No doubt he had a quick look and thought ‘that guy has an ugly big Elephant Man Arm’.

Did I mention it was pissing with rain and had been after mile two of this adventure?

My battery then ran out, as one can see where the Strava trail ends! The rest of my journey was probably the quickest route home, until I got to the ‘secured’, ‘cordoned off’, ‘we’re all having a feckin party and you ain’t getting through’ – Glasgow Green, of course. I found the Clyde walkway soon after turning away from Rutherglen and should have exited it earlier and find my way down the Gallowgate but I decided to go all the way to the barriers and cross the river and visit the Gorbals. Not sure why Glasgow City Council closed off the entrance to the bridge from the footpath along the Clyde. But they feckin did and I nearly got annoyed!

I am now sitting at home with my arm resting on a freezing bottle of Limoncello (for the swelling). Wonder when I’ll start drinking it?


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