No turning back now

At Airport
Mac and Aldo hanging around

Eleven thirty on Day zero, lunch at my place. Aldo turned up in the guise of a scout leader with his detailed pack of the journey. Thank heaven someone is organised. Mac looked fresh despite competing, and getting a PB at Sundays etape Caledonia.

Getting to Edinburgh was easy and uneventful, getting from Lisbon Airport to the Digs was not so.

Brian flew into Lisbon a few hours before us. And it only took us two hours after arriving to get the car, get it packed and reach our first night’s accommodation. I jumped in the car while MAC and Alan got the taxi. Being Brian’s passenger and navigator around the narrow streets of Lisbon was an experience, scarier for him than it was for me, I’m sure.

Good digs, good food but way passed my bedtime.


One thought on “No turning back now

  1. John Irvine May 17, 2013 / 15:20

    Hope the trip has gone well lads and Sandy’s dodgy knee and immune system have held up under the pressure :-). You sounded fairly doubtful it would last the whole trip when I last spoke to you Sandy, but maybe plenty of decent red wine helped! The Beatson is a great cause Alan, they looked after my dad well, hope you all raise a few quid. Good luck – John I (just back from a short holiday to Carveiro, Portugal which included an ardous 7 mile, often uphill, cycle on a hire bike with a razorblade saddle. Still can’t sit properly! Don’t know how you lot do it. Respect! ).

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