Get Serious

When you’re not well you think you’re not well forever. Not that I think I have anything terminal, I just think I am never going to be fully fit ever again. Maybe it’s impatience; maybe it’s just my crazy mind. Am I the only person who thinks this way? I’ve spent the last week in bed, well that’s not totally true but I have slept a lot… and moaned a lot. It was the start of January when my training should be ramping up, this is not what I needed.

I think Aldo is concerned about my lack of fitness, I must confess I’m a little anxious about it now too, though that’ll be because I think I’m never going to recover from this feckn bug I’ve got – my mind again. He keeps sending me training plans and I keep intending to follow them but as yet I’ve not gone there. I’ve decided this week they are not for me, though I may use some of the disciplines contained in them.  With this on my mind, I used some of the idle time I have had this week to put together my own training plan.

I’ve been reading a book by Brad Wiggins, not the latest one, the one that was out before he wore the yellow jersey. I’m nearly half way through but it’s clear, certainly early in his career, there was a lot of indiscipline in his training regime. Chris Boardman was assigned to him by the BOA to address this. And this seemed to help him win an individual gold, a team silver and a bronze in the Madison. Don’t get me wrong,  I’m in no way comparing myself to Bradley Wiggins or his level of fitness and strength, but it strikes me I need some strict regime of my own. Aldo and his training plans can be my Chris Boardman.

I’ve just completed the first draft and dragged it into the Dropbox for Aldo Boardman’s inspection. Hope he approves. I have every day assigned from next week (when I’m going to be not unwell again) until the Mayday holiday. It looks scary but not beyond me. A lot of hard work but at least I can see what is required in black and white.

I caught up with Mac today just to see how he’s doing and how the cycling is going as I’ve not seen or talked to him since the end of November. He suggested that next year we tour Oz but I think that was a whim as he’s seeing a big bubbly Australian beauty at the moment. He wouldn’t tell me her name but it isn’t Kylie or Sheila, my pathetic attempts at guessing her name were met by only a chuckle. If I didn’t know him as I do, I would have mistaken that chuckle as a condescending laugh. He thinks he’s a little behind in his training as he’s hardly been out on the bike this year. I think his training is going great guns, I just think at the moment he’s concentrating on the wrong area. He seems to have too much fondness for Asia and Australasia, need to find him a good European girl.


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